We started with this

And ended with this

This lilttle corner of molding shows you the work that our old house demanded. Everything was torn up.

The house was in such bad shape that it sat on the market for a year. Prospective buyers would walk in, take one look around, then walk right back out.


The pantry ceiling was falling in. So was the kitchen ceiling. And the living room ceiling. We replaced all three.

Here’s Jill making a face in front of graffitti and garbage. She was a lot braver than I about it.

Graffiti was extensive in the house. It wasn’t bad looking graffiti, really, but it would have looked more fitting in a subway tunnel.

Here’s Ron taking an inventory of the damage. Once he agreed that this house was a chance of a lifetime, he got into it big time and took notes and made plans. I believe he’s smiling in this photo. The project turned our lives upside down and changed us in some significant and positive ways. For more about that story, see Ron’s book:From Animal House to Our House: A Love Story

There were huge paintings on several walls. This one is about 8 X 10 feet. We painted over them. In a certain light you can till see hints of these under the paint.

It took us a month just to clear all the junk out of the house. We filled three 30-yard dumpsters and 74 industrial garbage bags..

This is the servants’ stairs that lead to the kitchen. Looks kind of spooky, doesn’t it?