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“250 — A New York Victorian”

Nancilee Holland says, “My partner bought the house 23 years ago but wasn’t living in it. Once the occupants moved out he discovered the extent of the damage plus deterioration (both interior and exterior) and was actually contemplating selling it.” more>>>

David and Chelle Fuller’s
“Going Dutch Colonial Style”

My husband and I — along with our six kids, ages 17 to 1 — bought a 1920 Dutch Colonial Revival house in upper Wisconsin. Unfortunately,
The Fullers’ story and photos >>>

Trent’s Many Projects
at “Blood, Sweat, & Pigs Ears”

Trent is a golden-hearted optimist, taking on old buildings that nobody else will.
Trent’s story and photos >>>

David Delind’s “Hamilton Project”

David says, “I bought my grandparents’ house after they passed away a few years ago. ”
David’s story and photos >>>

Sheryl’s 3 Old Babies in Lowell, MA

Sheryl says, ” I’m so honored to be among good company and people who understand why I do what I do and share the same passion.I’ ve been a “housenut” since the early days of This Old House.”
Sheryl’s photos >>>

James & Amanda’s 1870’s Farm House

James and Amanda are the proud new owners of a century home in Ohio. Their home was built in 1870, which makes it 140 yrs old as of 2010. It is a big, beautiful blue farmhouse in the country. The house is just shy of 2500 sq ft with 4 bedrooms, 2 offices, 2 full baths, a library/parlor, kitchen, formal dining room, family room, and a mudroom. More>>>
Amanda & James’s photos >>>

Tom & Jada’s House

Tom and Jada Lawson are two old house lovers who spent several years looking for the perfect home that needed them just as much as they needed it. After a long search and several deals that fell through, they were fortunate enough to become the third owners of this 1915 Colonial Revival. The house needs a lot of TLC, but still has most of its original features intact and is a very solid example of early 20th century craftsmanship. They are doing all the work themselves, which they are documenting in their website
Tom & Jada’s photos >>>

1890 Farm House

Mitch and Laurel Zoet have just started restoring this 120 year old house in Michigan. You can follow their adventure in making this old house their home by checking out their

Mitch & Laurel’s photos>>>

Wayne’s House

Ever since I was old enough to want a house I always wanted an old Victorian house, “a house with a personality, not a big vinyl box like this,” I used to always tell my poor father. I am only a young (25 years old) carpenter, who now builds a lot of those vinyl boxes. Unfortunately, the cash flow to do a major restoration immediately was/is quite limited (trying run a to business and pour time and money into houses puts a lot of financial pressure on you). So I went a little outside the box. Wayne’s photos >>>>>

Andre & Bobbi’s House

My wife and I were doing some web surfing and ended up at your website. Your story is so inspiring and a bit similar to our situation. We purchased our dream home about half a year ago. It is an 1890 Queen Ann Victorian home and absolutely gorgeous. No, our new home is by far not in bad a shape as your home was when you purchased it, but there are some things that we would like to restore. Andre & Bobbi’s photos >>>>>

Crusade Castle

Ronnie’s story begins when her parents were married in an American “Castle”. This was back in 1942 — in Cincinnati — and, over the years, Ronnie heard plenty about it but nobody, including her parents, could tell her where the castle was.
Crusade Castle>>>>>