Crusade Castle

Ronnie writes: When I started my online search to find my parents’ house, I only found one tiny little picture of it and practically no history. It finally dawned on me that if someone owns it there should be public records. So, I called the Hamilton County Tax Assessor’s Office. I got the address and looked up the owner. I learned that the house had been featured in a picture layout of upscale Cincinnati houses in Best Magazine. Upper left: the chapel.

Daddy was so tickled to get the magazine. When I told him I had spoken to the owner, he asked for her phone number. He called her the next day (and me right after talking to her) and said she was very nice and that they had a long conversation. She said they do grant tours, now and then upon request, and if he ever got back to Cincinnati, she would personally give him a tour. Below: the grand hall; a bedroom.

The owners are Thomas and Janet Lysaght. They aren’t Catholic but they keep the Catholic influence throughout the castle. They were married in the chapel themselves on May 20, 2001. He’s an entrepreneur and deals in several businesses. She travels to remote areas of the Philippines helping to make conditions better for some of the tribes. The chapel has a pump organ and Thomas brought in violins, harps and guitars and he sang. Below: the balcony; detail of the wrought iron fence; detail of the music room.