Sheryl’s family of houses in Lowell, MA:


I do not currently reside in any of my 3 old houses — have, though, during the process. One of the apartments is undergoing a rehab presently. I sometimes camp out to get a little extra time on a large project


By the housing market taking a nose dive, it made it possible to make a few good purchases and get into the game of restoring my lovely ladies. Three houses in two years was NEVER the plan but I feel in love with each house for a different reason. (Woodwork, fireplaces, architecture, etc.) Not having any children may have allowed these properties to fill that void. I love watching the work being done and see these beauties evolve into something amazing.

One of the houses has been entered into Lowell’s Historic Register. The Historic Society helped locate early photos of the house and I’m in process of staining 1000 cedar shingles to start restoring her to the Shingle Victorian that stood there originally. The biggest challenge is money! Tenants keep the projects rolling but the number of projects far exceed that budget.

Presently a galley kitchen rehab is under way. We found birds nests in the windown sills when we pulled out the last owners a/c units- My first eviction!! LOL! I’m hoping that unit up and running by December. Believe it or not…I’m still looking at houses (please don’t tell my boyfriend!!)