Andre & Bobbi de Winter’s House

The house had been for sale for almost two years for a lot more than we were willing to pay for it. They dropped the price and we were on it like bees on honey. The house is in Inman Park, the oldest suburb of Atlanta. We have lived in this neighborhood for 7 years in a new home that was built on an empty lot. It never had the atmosphere an older home offers. I can honestly say…as soon as we walked in this home…it was and is our dream house.

Below: library with pipe organ. Entry with main stairs. Notice the classic Queen Anne eclectism: the porthole window, curving window seat, and elaborate woodwork.

The house was originally built by John M. Beath. He was an Ice and coal merchant from Boston. His initials are still there in the fireplace tiles in the parlor (below). The story goes that he built the house to entice his fiancée to come and live with him in Atlanta (she did). The house is therefore also referred to as the “Honeymoon House,” or the “Love House.”

Andre and Bobbi de Winter