Late summer greetings! You're getting this email because you're a friend (or should be?) of Good Contrivance Farm. Jill and I will send out a newsletter like this only once a year, so don't worry about us harassing you with frequent emails. If you want to see this flier online: click here.

This, our first newsletter, signals a major step forward for us. We've spent the last four years building the farm's infrastructure, which has included repairing buildings, installing water and electrical lines, building new structures where old ones had fallen, installing walkways, stone walls, public bathrooms, etc. We're not done, by any means. But we thought now would be a good time to outline a few developments.

1) Big Barn Sale: Sat., Oct. 5, 8:00 AM-3:00 PM

We'll be selling barn finds, antiques, books, all kinds of cool things we've accumulated over the years. Some of our vintage/collectible dealer friends will be selling too. If you want to set up a table and sell your stuff, contact (we're especially interested in antiques and vintage/collectibles). Also we'll have some homemade snacks and goodies for sale.

2) Our barn is ready for events.

The barn has a stage, big sound system, dance floor, great lighting, and public bathrooms. We gave it a test run with a friend's family reunion and it was fabulous. If you need a place for your event, let us know.

We're planning a couple of invitation-only events for 2020. "Invitation only" because we cannot open for public events until we are ADA compliant (see below). If you've signed up for our mailing list, you'll be invited.

ADA compliance means we have to build an ADA parking area, an ADA bathroom, and install a lift on the back of the barn so that ADA persons can have access to our programming space. This will be a huge expense, for which we'll have to raise funds. To any one of our friends who needs ADA accommodations, we are sorry for the delay. We're working to make this happen as fast as we can.


3) The Writer's Retreat Loft

Our barn apartment continues to be a successful fundraising venture. Rented both through Air BnB and VRBO as well as through our website (and other writer sites) to writers. We rent for 25% lower rates to writers. If you're interested in booking, it's best to do so two months in advance.


4) The Henhouse Cottage

Opening fall 2019! The Henhouse Cottage is a tiny house conversion. It will offer a smaller, cozier, less expensive alternative to the loft apartment.


5) The land

We planted 20+ trees this summer. We've lost several old locusts and one big maple. If you've seen the farm, you know we have many huge, old trees.

We've added more flower beds too. The weeds have been particularly tenacious and voracious this wet summer but we're beginning to beat them back. Remember, this is an organic farm: no pesticides, no herbicides.


6) Animals

We lost several favorite animals in 2018: Cleo the basset; Smokey, a favorite gray barn cat; and Sadie, an American Bulldog. We also lost our bees for the 3rd year in a row (We have taken a break on them for now). 

In January, we adopted 2 mischievous basset hounds, Maisie and Oliver--rescued from the Chinese meat trade. 

We still are pondering when to add chickens, sheep and 1-2 livestock guardian dogs. Jill’s hoping for 2020, Ron's suggesting 2021. 


7) Professional Development

We have expanded our board of directors to include 6 members whose expertise and insights will help us forge our next 5-year plan.

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