Barn Loft Residency

The Good Contrivance Farm Writer’s Barn Loft provides a 1200 square foot apartment on a small, historic farm in central Maryland, 25 miles north of Baltimore.

The Residency is designed for writers who have their own transportation and need a quiet, lovely place to write. A resident can arrange to stay for as long as 4 weeks.

Our admissions policy does not discriminate with regard to race, gender, sexual-orientation, religion, marital status, disability or nation of origin. However, please note that the residency apartment is not fully handicap-accessible, although it can accommodate some persons with limited mobility.

Admissions is non-competitive, on a first-come, first-served basis. However, all applicants must show evidence that they are writers: resume and writing sample or a link to your website.

The Retreat is a spacious loft-style apartment with a large open living room, dining area & kitchen on the first level. Wood burning stove in LR. Radiant heat on first floor and 2 ceiling fans. The apartment has spectacular light and the best views of the farm. It has three levels and contains a full kitchen with dishwasher, 1.5 baths, a small library, a wood-burning stove, and free high-speed wifi.

Modern, fully-equipped kitchen with stainless stove, fridge, and dishwasher — but no garbage disposal, as we’re on a septic system. Linens are supplied. A completely updated main bathroom on the first floor, with separate heater and stackable washer and dryer. Library on 2nd floor mezzanine. Bedroom with antique double bed and 1/2 bath on 3rd floor. Bedroom has a split-unit AC/heater. Queen sleeper sofa on the first level. First level has a small balcony overlooking a walled flower garden.

The six acre grounds contain a large kitchen garden, a chicken run, many historic outbuildings, open fields, many lovely flower beds, and many places to sit and relax. The farm is conveniently located near major shopping areas and highways.

Fees are subsidized to make long stays more affordable. No other discounts are available.

All proceeds from our writer’s retreat go to the support of our 501-C3 non-profit, focused on the restoration of Good Contrivance Farm as part of our mission to promote the preservation and restoration of historic family farms.

  • Overnight fee is $95. per night for the first person; $20 for a second person. (Both must be writers.) Residency check-in is 3:00 PM. Check out is 11:00 AM.
  • You must book a minimum of a two-night stay.
  • Weekly rate (seven nights) is $570 for one person; $670 for two. (This is not transferrable.)
  • Two- and Three- week rate is $540 for one person per week; $640. for two. (Not transferrable.)
  • Four-week rate is $490 per week for one person; $590 per week for two. (Not transferrable.)
  • One-half payment must be made upon making your reservation. The second half must be paid three weeks before your stay (credit card or Paypal).
  • Upon making your reservation, we will hold the dates for 48 hours until we receive your (half-payment) deposit.
  •  Cancellation policy for stays  under a week:
    cancellation must be made no later than 72 hours before your scheduled reservation. Late cancellation of a reservation (within 72 hours of the reservation) will forfeit one day’s rental fee.
  • Cancellation policy for stays of a week or more:
    For stays of one week, you must notify us of cancellation at least three weeks prior;For stays of two weeks or more, you must notify us of cancellation at least four weeks prior. Currently, exceptions are made for Covid-related problems. Depending on the circumstances, late cancellation will forfeit a minimum of 3 day’s, and a maximum of one week’s, rental fee.
  • We reserve the right to cancel at any time, given reasonable cause (e.g., bad weather, etc.)
  •  We reserve the right to send any resident home who is not abiding by the farm rules (see below).

How to Get Here

About Food, Shopping, and Services

We accept reservations on a first come, first served basis. Please read “farm rules,” below, before making a reservation.

You can make a reservation by using the form at the bottom of the page.

Farm Rules:

  • Policy on Smoking, Drinking, Drug Use:  No drug use or heavy drinking.  No smoking inside the apartment. Smoking is permitted outside, as long as you do so 10 or more feet from the buildings.
  • Accessibility: The apartment is not wheelchair accessible but it is accessible to persons with limited mobility.
  • Water: Please bring your own bottled water or use the water distiller in the apartment. Tap water is from a well and is unfiltered, though it is drinkable.
  • Food & Beverages:  We do not provide food or beverages, although there are a refrigerator, stove, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker in the apartment, as well as a supply of cookware, utensils, dishes, etc.
  • Cleaning Up: Please clean up behind yourself and put things (chairs, books, etc.) where you found them. If you use the bed or shower, please leave sheets or towels in a pile to indicate they need washing. Once a week, on Sunday night, you take the apartment’s garbage can and recycling bin to the roadside for next-day pick-up at the farm gates.
  • Electronics: Free wifi is provided, and there is also a smart TV in the apartment.  We do not provide a computer or printer.
  • Dust and Old Things: This is an old farm with old furniture and many things that don’t work perfectly. We have placed signs in the apartment about how to use the appliances.
  • We try our best, but are not perfect housekeepers (i.e., this is not the Hilton)–sometimes there will be dust in the apartment
  • Wildlife: There is a lot of wildlife on the farm some of which many people don’t like, including mice, snakes, bats, hawks, owls, fox, and deer. Although we try to prevent it, mice do at times get into the buildings, including the barn apartment.
  • Dogs and Cats: We have dogs and cats on the property, some of which live in the farmhouse, and some of which live outside (barn cats). Under no circumstances are they to be allowed inside the barn apartment. You are free to pet them outside.
  • Barn Cats: Please respect the barn cats, allowing them their space.  Some of them are friendly and others are fearful of strangers.
  • Writers vs. Guests: Each person using the apartment must be a writer. Children, spouses, partners, and guests defeat the purpose of making this a writer’s retreat, so no family or guests are allowed other than the working writer(s).
  • Noise: We expect that the visiting writers will respect the quiet of the farm, and will not play loud music.  However, understand that this is a working farm. The farm owners may be working on the property at any time and you may hear tractors, mowers, power tools, etc.
  • The Grounds: You are free to walk the grounds at your leisure but understand that farm terrain can be rough–with uneven ground, holes, rocks, roots, vines, animal burrows, poison ivy and other obstacles. This is why Good Contrivance Farm is a heels-free walking zone. No high heels. The farm can be a dirty place, and there are many thorny plants on the property. Please dress appropriately. Guests must wear sensible shoes when walking the property–no heels or bare feet.
  • Temperature: The barn apartment tends to be cool in the winter and warm in the summer. We provide a complimentary wood pack for the wood-burning stove in winter (more is available at a modest cost). There are powerful ceiling fans for summer, as well as an air conditioner.
  • Farm Buildings and Machinery: Please do not touch any farm machinery (very dangerous!) and do not enter any sheds or buildings without our accompaniment, other than the barn in which the apartment is housed. Tours of the farm buildings and/or the farmhouse may be arranged.
  • Property Lines: Please note that our property is six acres enclosed by a fence. Nobody is allowed to enter the surrounding farmland outside the fence, as it belongs to someone else.
  • Guests must contact the owners asap if something in the apartment breaks or malfunctions.
  • The owners have the right of entry into the apartment in event of emergencies.
  • Vegetables and Flowers: Guests must not collect flowers, eggs or food from the vegetable garden or food-bearing plants without permission from the owners.
  • Parking is available in the front lot and on the ramp to the barn.  Occasionally one or more of a larger group may have to park in the rear parking area.  Please do not block the farm lane or access for other drivers. See property map for parking locations.
  • Unforeseen delays: we are not responsible for refunds due to delays caused by traffic; please plan your trip accordingly–both Baltimore and DC beltways are notorious for bad traffic.
  • We do not provide meals, food, or beverages

Click here for an overview of the property.

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