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This website is for anybody who likes camper vans. I built our super custom camper van in 2012 in order to take a national road trip with Cleo, our basset hound, to promote my book, From Animal House to Our House: A Love Story. Since that time, Jill and I have traveled 60,000 miles through 45 states in our way-cool camper van.


Our van conversion was a huge project because it demanded everything a real home demands and then a little more: not just running water, plumbing, and electricity, but two kinds of electricity — AC and DC — and three different power sources: external (plug in), alternator, and solar.


>>>> I want to see photos of YOUR van! I will post them here for all to see. Send your photo/s to “ron” (AT) “vanadventures” DOT “org”<<<<<

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