Do You Need Help Realizing Your Camper Van Dream?

I’ve been camper-vanning since the 1970s, when I built my first custom van–a 1970 VW bus, which I took across the country on a 9,000 mile trip.

I started this website, Van Adventures, to share my knowledge and offer some resources. But there’s only so much one guy can do with a website. If you have a large project in mind, you might need more help. If that’s the case, I can offer you some consultation, at a fee.

Consultation works like this: I will give you a half hour of consultation free on the phone, as we talk of your van project and outline your needs. After that, I must charge $40 an hour. Consultation can save you a lot of money in the long run because I can help you find the best, quickest solutions to your van conversion challenges. This includes finding the right equipment, doing the right research, and even finding the right people in your part of the country to work on your van.

This is what the consultation agreement looks like: consultation work agreement

If you’d like to talk more about consultation, email me here using the form below.

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