26 Aug Vintage Hardware Dresses Up Tired Cabinets

Collect sets of vintage pulls and latches to revamp the look of your kitchen cabinets. You can match these to new vintage-style knobs to complete the look

hardware make-over

I decided that the chrome pulls, knobs, and latches I had put on our kitchen cabinets weren’t quite right for the atmosphere we were going for — they were a little too plain and shiny. So I did some hunting and found a vintage cast iron bin pull that I could get fairly reasonably at online auctions. It had to be a style that was common in the 19th century because then I could find a lot of them.

I combined these pulls with new knobs that looked like cast iron. Victorian metal knobs are very hard to find becasue the Victorian didn’t make many. They preferred wood. So, my new knobs with my old bin pulls

latches before and after

For the upper cabinets I chose an Eastlake style latch to replace the chrome latches. Although these aren’t exactly a match for the bin pulls, their ornate design puts them in the same aestehtic neighborhood. So that completed our three sets of hardware: bin pulls, knobs, and latches. Click on the latch photo to see the one it replaced.

I painted the screw heads black to match the cast iron. Together they gave the kitchen a homier, old-time feel. We really like the new old look.